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About Us

Welcome to Consolidate, an innovative non-profit dedicated to making political data transparent and accessible. We're harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to demystify political information, making it easier for everyone to understand the forces shaping our democracy.

Our Mission

Consolidate is committed to advancing political transparency and civic engagement through the streamlined access and analysis of a broad spectrum of political data. Our mission encompasses empowering stakeholders with robust, accessible tools and insights to navigate, understand, and utilize political data effectively. By fostering an ecosystem of informed dialogue, critical analysis, and active participation, we aim to contribute to the creation of more transparent, accountable, and responsive democratic institutions worldwide.

Our Approach

Data Gathering and Enrichment: Our platform begins with the meticulous gathering of political data – from MPs' interests and financial affiliations to political actions, speeches, and social media engagements. We then enrich this data, sanitizing, standardizing, and connecting disparate information into a comprehensive database.

Insight Generation: Through advanced AI, we transform this vast amount of data into actionable insights. Our platform is designed to be intuitive, offering user-friendly interfaces with interactive visualizations to aid in understanding and navigation.

Unbiased and Non-partisan: Our approach is focused on the transformation of convoluted political data into a navigable platform to enable better understanding of the political landscape. We do not align ourselves with any political party, we seek only to help you build informed opinions.

Our Team

We're a diverse group of data scientists, political researchers, software developers, and journalists. United by a shared vision, we're turning the complexity of political data into accessible, meaningful information.